Idaho Falls and Pocatello Probate Attorney

Timothy Jones is an experienced probate attorney. He has offices in Idaho Falls and Pocatello.

Idaho Falls probate attorney

Probate is the legal procedure that takes place after a loved one dies; it can occur regardless of whether or not a will exists.

The most common reason people hire a probate attorney in Eastern Idaho?  To change the name on a deed or title.  It’s generally a necessary step if your loved one’s home had their name on the deed.  You’ll need to change the name on the deed in order to sell the home, even if it is being sold to a relative.

Often, other law firms (and especially large law firms) will charge outrageous sums for a simple probate.  They may justify this by doing more work than necessary.  Our philosophy is to offer competitive fees for what our clients actually need–and not the unnecessary extras.

A typical probate case will start out with an initial meeting with your attorney (in person if you’re local, or by phone if you’re not).  From there, you will need to fill out an intake form; after you return the intake form, the attorney will write up the appropriate paperwork and get it to you for your approval and signature.  He will then file the paperwork with the court along with the filing fee.  The judge will sign the appropriate paperwork and return it to your attorney.  This process typically takes a couple of weeks.  You can then use that paperwork to take care of your loved one’s financial matters. Of course, you should keep an inventory of probate costs during this process.

Of course, in some cases probate becomes more complicated, and the cost of probate differs from case to case.  Probate attorney Tim Jones offers competitive flat rates for uncontested probates, and competitive hourly rates for contested cases.  Call us at 208-206-1475 for a quote.