Idaho Falls Landlord Attorney

Idaho Falls landlord attorney Timothy Jones represents landlords in and around Idaho Falls, including Rexburg, Rigby, Shelley, and surrounding areas. We offer a competitive flat rate for uncontested evictions, and competitive hourly rates for contested evictions. Attorney Tim Jones has experience helping clients evict non-paying and otherwise troublesome tenants, and will assist you so that you can quickly regain control of your rental property.

Idaho Falls Landlord Attorney

Our first recommendation is that landlords do a background check on potential tenants. Ask them for the names and phone numbers of their past landlords, and call up those landlords. Look up their names in the Idaho Repository. Do a background check. If they’ve been trouble in the past, there’s a good chance you’ll have trouble with them too.

Our second recommendation is to not procrastinate with the eviction. Every day they remain in the property is one more day you’re not getting paid. For a month’s rent or less, you can hire a landlord/tenant attorney to get them evicted.

The eviction process for non-payment of rent through Idaho Falls landlord attorney Tim Jones typically works like this:

1. Call the attorney, discuss your case, get a quote, and schedule an appointment.

2. Meet with the attorney (in person or by phone); give him a copy of the lease agreement, a payment history for the tenants, and payment.

3. The attorney will create a 3-day notice. You can give this to the tenant yourself, or your attorney can arrange to have it done. An Affidavit will be signed by the individual who posts the notice.

4. If tenants have not paid or moved out within 72 hours, inform your attorney (if you’re not local, Tim Jones can arrange for someone to do a drive by to check if they’ve moved).

5. Your attorney will create a Complaint and a Summons, schedule trial, file the paperwork, and arrange for the Complaint and Summons to be served.

6. Your attorney will represent you at the trial. If possible, the landlord or property manager should be at the trial. Quite often, tenants will not show up to the trial, in which case the judge typically automatically grants the eviction. Your attorney will present the judge with a proposed order, which the judge usually signs in the courtroom. Even if the tenants show up and contest the matter, a landlord will typically win the case if they can show the tenants are behind on rent.

7. Your attorney will ensure that the tenants receive a copy of the order.

8. The above steps are all part of the flat fee. Additional hourly fees will be charged as needed if the tenant refuses to move out after receiving the court’s order, leaves belongings in the property, or otherwise contests the matter.

The whole process typically takes around three weeks, from the time you meet with the attorney until you receive the order from the judge.

If you would like to evict tenants for reasons other than non-payment of rent, the process may be more complicated and expensive. Please contact Tim Jones, Idaho Falls landlord attorney, for more information.