Idaho Falls and Pocatello Adoption Attorney

Idaho adoption attorney Tim Jones can assist you in the adoption process.

Idaho Falls Adoption Attorney

Are you a step-parent looking to adopt? A grandparent or another relative? Perhaps you’re adopting through an agency or through other means. We can help.

If the adoption is uncontested, we can offer you a competitive flat rate for our services. You’ll know exactly how much your attorney fees will be at the very beginning of the process. The flat rate includes the attorney fee and the filing fee.

If the child has parents whose parental rights will be terminated, we can take care of both the termination of parental rights and the adoption at the same time.

Typically, adoption attorney Tim Jones can give you a quote over the phone. You’ll then schedule a time to come into his Idaho Falls or Pocatello office to meet with him. He’ll give you a detailed intake form to fill out. Once you return that to him, he’ll put together the paperwork, obtain your signatures, and file the paperwork with the court. Depending on the situation, a home study may have to be scheduled. The court will schedule a hearing in front of the judge. Tim Jones will help prepare you for the hearing, and will accompany you there. Once the hearing is concluded, Tim Jones will give you instructions on how to obtain a new birth certificate for the child.

The easiest kind of adoption is a step-parent adoption where the other birth parent is either deceased or gives their permission for the adoption to take place. A home study is often not required with a step-parent adoption, resulting in a quicker and less expensive result.

If you’re not sure if an adoption and/or a termination of parental rights is possible, Idaho adoption attorney Tim Jones can meet with you and discuss your options of successfully obtaining both. He has offices in Idaho Falls and in Pocatello.