Timothy Jones is an experienced Guardianship Attorney.  Most guardianship cases involve grandparents, children, or other family members who want guardianship over their loved ones.  We have represented parents, children, and grandparents in guardianship cases in several different courts in Eastern Idaho.  Our clients have sought guardianships over loved ones who are young children, young adults, and elderly.

There are many types of guardianship cases.  The process is very different depending on the type of case–a case for guardianship of a child and a case for guardianship of an elderly parent are fundamentally different, because the circumstances in those cases are different.  Most guardianships require a substantial amount of paperwork.  An uncontested guardianship will also require a brief hearing in front of a judge; a contested guardianship may involve a longer and more complex hearing.

Often, you can file for conservatorship at the same time as you file for guardianship.  A guardianship gives you the ability to care for the needs of a loved one; a conservatorship gives you the ability to care for the finances of a loved one.  Your attorney can help you decide if you need to obtain a conservatorship.

Some guardianships are temporary in nature, and may only last six months or so, with a hearing after six months to determine whether to continue the guardianship.

Guardianships and Conservatorships have annual reporting requirements.  Typically the court clerk will give you packets for this.  The judge will order you to take a class about being a guardian before he or she will sign the guardianship order.

Guardianship cases can be quite difficult; the requirements can be very specific, and it’s important to get the paperwork and other requirements done right.  If you want to get a guardianship, it’s important to hire an experienced guardianship attorney who has handled guardianships in the past.

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