Estate Planning Attorney in Idaho Falls and Pocatello

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Attorney Tim Jones has offices in Idaho Falls and Pocatello and specializes in the following:
QDROs (Qualified Domestic Relation Orders)
Prenups (Prenuptial agreements)
Immigration Law

What sets Tim Jones apart from other attorneys?
1. Attention to your case. Mr. Jones doesn’t hand your case off to a secretary to handle. He’ll handle your case personally, and he’ll handle it thoroughly and quickly.
2. The drive to see your case through to the end. Mr. Jones wants you to be a satisfied client who no longer has to worry about your legal issue.
3. The experience in handling your specific kind of case. He is experienced in every area listed above, and limits new cases he takes on to those areas.
4. Competitive and flat rates. Attorneys can be expensive. Mr. Jones makes sure his rates are competitive. Because most of the cases Mr. Jones takes on are uncontested, Mr. Jones is able to offer flat rates on most matters. That means you’ll know how much you’ll end up paying before Mr. Jones even takes on your case.

You can reach Mr. Jones by phone at 208-206-1475, or by email at